Monday, February 27, 2012

Baby Quilt

this is the baby quilt that i am making

i pined in tso i could quilt it for a baby doll set for juila

i than stated to sew it with stair lines so it would be done

Here it is before it was washed                                                                                
here it is with the doll                                                                                                                                  

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Becca's First Quilt

This blog post copied over from I wanted to separate Rebecca's sewing projects from the cooking site we have been working on for the last 3 years.  She will be doing most of the blog posting but will be edited by her parents Tanya and Richard Healey of

Rebecca finished her first quilt today and I figured it would be best to share it on her blog.  She has made this quilt for her baby sister (ok yet to be born baby sister) Julia Dawn Healey is due to come into the world March 29th 2012.  We are having give away for those that guess Julia's B-day or birth weight you can visit to join in that giveaway.  Until the baby is born this quilt will sit in her empty crib in Rebecca's sister comes home from the hospital.
 Showing off the back previous to being washed.
Cutting up the rag quilt.  Rebecca did every thing her self on this quilt from cutting up the blocks to sewing it all together.  She even cut the rag quilt herself.  She is very happy with how it turned out.

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